Excellent Results!!

I have a French bulldog that suffers of chronic ear infection and back problems. She has recurring ear infection constantly and her back problem is causing her to drag her back feet, having difficulty standing up and walking or running.
Since I started using Red Recover on her, she feels much better. As soon as each session is done, she gets up normally and walks just fine. I also put the lights on her ears and she lays down quietly enjoying the treatment. I haven't noticed any pain for a while. When she is in pain, she does not eat.
Thank you RedRecover for all the good it is doing to our pets!! Molly is loving her treatments and I am very happy to see her feeling better day after day!!

Rita on Nov 04, 2022

The Miracle Light

My dog, Dash, is a 13 year old mixed breed who suffers from hip dysplasia, arthritic hips(both), arthritic knees (both), and degenerative spinal disease. Before trying Red Recover we took
Dash to a therapist that did acupuncture and other forms of wholistic medicine every week to ten days; costing $400-$500 a month. No matter what kind of extra treatment we threw at Dash, he
could never get over the hurdle of being able to completely move each of his bag legs independently.
That is until we started to use Red Recover.
Results/ Outcome
Candidly, I was a bit skeptical at first that a red light could make such a difference, but when it comes to the health and happiness of my dogs, I am willing to try anything. Having no expectations going into this treatment, I absolutely stunned by how well Red Recover works. As I mentioned above, we had reached a plateau in Dash’s treatments, nothing we were doing was making him better, it was just prolonging the deterioration of his knees, hips, and spine. That being said, within a week of using Red Recover Dash started to use both of his back legs independently, and within three weeks of use Dash has started to run around the back yard in ways he has not done in 5 years. My family never thought we would see Dash move like this again. Red Recover is a miracle light that our bodies need like his is nothing short of a miracle light.

You can't put a healthiness, except when it comes to Red Recover. Hurry up and buy!

Ryan on Oct 09, 2022

No more hip pain for my pup!

My small Yorkie has had progressively worse hip and joint issues over the years to the point where he wouldn’t put weight on one of his back legs. Initially, I tried out CBD oils and other treatments with little to no help. Then, I started using the Red Recover unit 3x daily as directed and saw great improvement within the first couple days. He went from limping on 3 legs to running pain free and has not limped since.
Red Recover has helped my dog drastically and I highly recommend it!
Thank you Red Recover!

Nick T on Oct 08, 2022

Great Product

I have been using the small dog LED pad for my Corgi mix dog he has hip and joint pain, and this has really helped. he is more active than before and seems to be pain free for the most part. The great thing about this pad is that is designed to be used on both the front and back hips, as is also able to be used on any other part of the body. just 15 min of use a day it really has improved the quality for life for my little Olllie, and i highly recommend this product

Justin on Oct 02, 2022

HORSE healing!

Our 18-year-old jumping horse, Lady, suffered a significant shoulder injury on July 2, 2022. The vet shared the likelihood of death due to the severity of the wound, high risk of infection, and her advanced age. Our hearts sank when he suggested euthanasia. We decided to give her a chance to fight for her life and we were going to use ALL the tools available to help her fight! Lady received over 30 stitches. We were told the key to her survival was managing the swelling as to prevent the “deep suturing” from breaking the wound back open. Our vet explained that IF Lady survived, it would be a minimum of 4-6 months before she could come out of her stall, and at least a year before she could be ridden. We knew we had to accelerate her recovery any way possible. Since we were aware of the incredible results of using red and infrared light for wound management and controlling swelling, we pursed 2 universal pads from Red Recover. We used the wraps 3 times daily, at 8am, 2pm, and 8pm, for 3 weeks, then decreased to once daily for an 2 more weeks. On August 10th, only 5 weeks after injury, our vet gave Lady the “green light” to come out of stall rest, on August 11th she was back in the arena exercising, and on September 17th, only 11 weeks after injury, Lady was ridden again! We have faith that she will be back to jumping very soon. Everyone, especially out vet, was amazed at Lady's speedy recovery. We feel blessed to continue to have Lady in our lives. Thank you Red Recover!

Norma Kowalski on Sep 29, 2022

LED benefits

After such excellent results I experienced with the lumbar unit for my back pain, I decided to try this for one of my dogs. I have mini Aussie Shepherds. As like many people dogs are like family members to us. So, when my 6 year old female aussie started limping it was concerning. I reached out to Redrecover and obtained a unit for my dog's right hip. It was seemless, sent the dog's weight and received the appropriate unit. We used the unit as recommended and Pancake (or 6 year old aussie- yes odd name) has NOT limped since we used the unit.

If you read my review on what this did for my lumbar spine, coupled with this review, I cannot give a product a higher recommendation!

Kevin Setter, MD on Oct 02, 2022


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