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Red Recover red light therapy pads were designed to help recover faster and optimize your body's own healing.

I have had multiple procedures on my shoulder. I tried many things ranging from acupuncture, PEMF therapy, and Ultrasound therapy. Since I suffer from chronic pain I use it whenever I feel discomfort and it always improves my condition. It’s easy to use and works very well.
Within a few days my swelling and pain was significantly reduced. And within a few weeks my ankle was back to normal.
Within 3 days my shoulder felt much better. It worked so well that my wife actually gave my unit to my mother-in-law for her shoulder pain and she won’t give it back.


Relief of chronic foot/heel pain got me walking again

I walk daily about 4 miles a day - it’s my passion and my mind therapy . Weeks ago I started having a pain in the heal / ankle area making my walks very difficult and some cases impossible . I used the Red Recover red light therapy 15 min a time / daily and now I am back walking with no pain . In about 5 days of use the pain was gone. I also recently went on a European cruise with extensive walking - the treatments saved my vacation . I had tried everything prior - but only Redrecover brace helped eliminate the pain and I’m walking again ! I highly recommend it ! I love the results !!

Ann Delgado on Oct 15, 2022

Relief from Chronic Pain

I suffered a compound ankle fracture seventeen years ago. Despite several surgeries to repair the damage and relieve pain, my ankle continued to swell most evenings causing a pronounced limp. I had come to regard chronic pain as an inevitable part of life. This changed in April when I learned about Red Recover. I used the Red Recover Ankle Pad three times a day on the first week and noticed that my discomfort had diminished. After a second week of this regime, there was greater improvement. I was gradually able to reduce my use of the ankle pad to evenings, only as needed. I am happy to report that I have been pain free with no swelling for the past three months. I am so grateful to finally have relief from chronic pain thanks to Red Recover Ankle Pad!

Catherine Hommes on Sep 29, 2022

Excellent Results!!

I have a French bulldog that suffers of chronic ear infection and back problems. She has recurring ear infection constantly and her back problem is causing her to drag her back feet, having difficulty standing up and walking or running.
Since I started using Red Recover on her, she feels much better. As soon as each session is done, she gets up normally and walks just fine. I also put the lights on her ears and she lays down quietly enjoying the treatment. I haven't noticed any pain for a while. When she is in pain, she does not eat.
Thank you RedRecover for all the good it is doing to our pets!! Molly is loving her treatments and I am very happy to see her feeling better day after day!!

Rita on Nov 04, 2022

No more hip pain for my pup!

My small Yorkie has had progressively worse hip and joint issues over the years to the point where he wouldn’t put weight on one of his back legs. Initially, I tried out CBD oils and other treatments with little to no help. Then, I started using the Red Recover unit 3x daily as directed and saw great improvement within the first couple days. He went from limping on 3 legs to running pain free and has not limped since.
Red Recover has helped my dog drastically and I highly recommend it!
Thank you Red Recover!

Nick T on Oct 08, 2022

Post Knee Replacement

I am a former defensive lineman for Alabama and the Seahawks in the NFL. I had my left knee replaced in 2015 and have had chronic pain around the new knee ever since. I have used all sorts of wraps, massagers and other things for years to no avail. After 3 or 4 days of using the Red Recover knee pad, 80% of all of that chronic residual pain was gone. Now, a week or so later, it is almost all gone. I wish I had had this back when I had the surgery, or better yet, when I was still playing.

Randy Edwards on Sep 26, 2022

LED benefits

First, to be clear, I am writing this review as a customer but I am also a busy orthopedic surgeon. Several months ago I developed severe disabling back pain. I had severe pain with simple activities such as walking my dogs. My spine surgeon partners had me doing physical therapy, drugs to decrease inflammation, narcotic pain medication and steroids. All these medications can have severe side effects. I started using the LED lumbar unit and quickly noticed significant pain relief. Being in the medical field I was quite skeptical. I stopped using the unit and my pain partially returned. Once I began using it again, my pain abated again. I give this product a big thumbs up as a customer.

Kevin Setter, MD on Oct 02, 2022


I couldn't be happier with this device....I've used it successfully for both major and minor injuries and haven't been let down yet. I first used it for for a pectoral tear as part of my post-surgical rehab regimen. Now there's no question that it helped with recovery as my surgeon continued to be impressed with how fast my rehab progressed. However, the truly amazing thing was how quickly and cleanly my surgical scar healed....inflammation was reduced so quickly and the incision itself healed so well that the scar was barely noticeable within a matter of weeks...unreal!

I've also used it for minor tweaks and soreness from workouts and grappling...for something that literally has no "feel" other than slight warmth, it's amazing how quickly the muscle soreness fades...5 minutes, 3x day...until results are achieved. Super easy and effective.
As an almost 50 year old athlete, recovery doesn't come as easy as it used to, and I'm so grateful to have found this device!

Chuck Jones on Sep 26, 2022

Amazing healing

My mother-in-law was in an auto accident which caused a long, deep laceration to her lower leg. After surgery to close the wound, we had her use the red recovery pad several times a day. The recovery was amazing, actually so must faster than the physician expected. When he was told we used Red Recovery he immediately asked us for more information so he could start using it in his other patients.

Jerry on Sep 28, 2022

Wrist pad

I recently had surgery on my left forearm and have been using the red recover wrap as part of my recovery process. It’s easy to use and helps with pain management.

Micki on Sep 27, 2022