Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I set up my RedRecover red light therapy pad?
Simply put on a RedRecover sleeve or pad and press the power button. All RedRecover devices provide the benefits of Red Light and Low Level Light therapy at the comfort of your home whenever you need it.
2. I don't feel anything when my RedRecover pad is on. Is it working?
Although you do not feel it right away, you may feel a slight warmth in the treatment area. The moment you turn your RedRecover pad, Red Light and Low Level Light Therapy starts working deep in the cell’s mitochondria generating more ATP (cellular energy), hence improving cellular performance and overall metabolism. Low level light therapy also stimulates the release of nitric oxide into the bloodstream leading to vascular tone relaxation and increased blood circulation for maximum energy and recovery. Whether you use it before, during or after a workout, RedRecover will maximize your efforts by improving cellular metabolism, blood circulation and muscle recovery.
3. What makes RedRecover more effective and efficient than other red light therapy devices?
RedRecover is unique as it is the only wearable light therapy device that delivers 2500 milliwatt (mW) of irradiance with our proprietary combination of tri-light energy featuring one red and two different infrared wavelengths. Irradiance is very important as it translates into a higher dosage delivered at a shorter period of time, for maximum effect. Each of the wavelengths in RedRecover devices has a specific purpose and effect, so having three different wavelengths is definitely another advantage of RedRecover over other red light therapy devices.
4. How often can I use RedRecover devices?
If you are using our devices as part of your recovery after an injury or strenuous activity, 3 times a day, 5 minutes each time is enough to provide the desired outcomes. You can also use your device once a day for 5 minutes for general joint and overall wellness.
5. Are there any contraindications for using RedRecover products? Anyone who shouldn't use it or places on the body it shouldn't be used?
There are no known contraindications to the use of Low Level Light Therapy. However, please don’t use during pregnancy or on cancerous tumors.
6. I can see some of the lights working, but a lot of them don’t seem to be on. Is my unit broken?
All LEDs are working, although near infrared does not produce visible light like red. The wavelengths produced are longer than those of visible light, making them therefore invisible to the human eye. All RedRecover devices have a sequence of one row of Red Light followed by 2 of near infrared, and as a rule of thumb: if you can see the rows in red then all lights are working.
7. How is the control charged? How long will each charge last?
To charge the controller, plug the power cable (included) into controller. Then insert power cable in the USB port. Then connect to USB port to outlet. The device takes about 2 hours to fully charge and can do up to eleven 5-min sessions on one full charge (i.e. about three days for every full charge-up)
8. Are there any circumstances when I shouldn't use my RedRecover device?
Yes. Do not place your RedRecover pad or wrap over a cardiac pacemaker or use during pregnancy. Please refer to the product manual.