Red light therapy for dogs is a non-invasive treatment that uses low-level red light to penetrate deep into the skin and tissues to promote healing and reduce pain and inflammation. The therapy works by increasing circulation and oxygenation, which helps to reduce pain and inflammation and speed up the healing process.

Red light therapy has been shown to have several benefits for dogs, including reducing pain and inflammation, promoting wound healing, improving skin and coat health, and boosting the immune system. Additionally, red light therapy can help to relieve anxiety and promote relaxation in dogs.

Yes, red light therapy is considered safe for dogs and we give you the ability to treat your furry friend from the comfort of your home. The low-level red light used in the therapy does not produce heat or UV radiation, making it a safe and non-invasive treatment option for dogs.

To use Red Recover for your pet, simply choose the K9 pad or universal pad depending on your pet's needs. Both pads are portable, flexible, and adjustable, making them easy to use. Each treatment session lasts 15 minutes and has a built-in battery timer. Simply place the device where it is needed and press the button on the battery to begin the 15 minute treatment.

Yes, red light therapy can be used to treat a variety of conditions in dogs, including joint pain and arthritis, skin conditions, wounds, and anxiety. Red light therapy can also be used to support overall health and wellness in dogs.

The frequency of red light therapy for dogs will depend on the specific condition being treated and the response of the individual dog. For general wellness, one treatment per day is recommended, while for minor pain or discomfort, two treatments per day are suggested. For chronic pain, three treatments per day are recommended. Red Recover makes it easy to improve your pet's health and wellness with the latest technology and innovative products.

Yes, red light therapy can be used in combination with other treatments for dogs, including medications, physical therapy, and acupuncture.

Red Recover's battery is a reliable and convenient source of power for your pet's therapy sessions. It has a 15-minute timer that ensures each session is consistent and effective. The battery charges to 100% within 2-4 hours and can provide 3-4 treatments once fully charged. When charging, a flashing orange light indicates that the battery is not yet fully charged. Once fully charged, the orange light will turn solid, indicating that the battery is ready to use. With Red Recover's powerful battery, you can trust that your pet's therapy sessions will always be consistent and effective.

Red Recover utilizes three light wavelengths: 1 red (680 nm) and 2 infrareds (830 nm & 950 nm). These wavelengths are known to penetrate the skin and promote healing and tissue repair by stimulating the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in cells. Red and near-infrared light have been shown to have numerous therapeutic benefits, including reducing inflammation, promoting collagen production, and improving skin health.

Red Recover offers four different product sizes: Small, Medium, Large, as well as the Universal Pad. The number of lights in each product size varies, with the small size having 60 lights, the medium size having 84 lights, the large size having 120 lights, and the Universal Pad having 120 lights. Additionally, the small size has 20 red lights (680 nm wavelength) and 40 infrared lights (830 & 950 nm wavelengths), while the medium and large sizes have 28 and 40 red lights (680 nm wavelength), respectively, and 56 and 80 infrared lights (830 & 950 nm wavelengths). The Universal Pad has the same number of red and infrared lights as the large size. The size of the product determines the coverage area, with the small size having the smallest coverage area and the Universal Pad having the largest coverage area. Ultimately, the size of the product you choose depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Red Recover offers two products designed specifically for use on dogs: the K9 wrap and the K9 universal pad. The K9 wrap is designed to be wrapped around a specific area of the dog's body, such as the hips, upper back, or shoulders and secured with Velcro straps. The wrap has a coverage area of 10 x 5 inches and contains 30 lights, with 10 red lights (680 nm wavelength) and 20 infrared lights (830 & 950 nm wavelengths).

The K9 universal pad, on the other hand, is a pad that can be used on various areas of the dog's body, such as the back, neck, chest, limbs, and paws. The pad has a coverage area of 20 x 10 inches and contains 120 lights, with 40 red lights (680 nm wavelength) and 80 infrared lights (830 & 950 nm wavelengths).

When choosing between the K9 wrap and the K9 universal pad, consider the specific area of your dog's body that requires treatment. If your dog has a specific area of injury or discomfort, the K9 wrap may be the better option, as it allows you to target that specific area. However, if your dog has multiple areas of discomfort or you prefer a larger coverage area, the K9 universal pad may be a better choice. Ultimately, the decision depends on your dog's specific needs and the treatment goals you have in mind.

Returns and exchanges

Red Recover offers a return policy for its products. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can request a return within 30 days after your purchase. However, please note that returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Additionally, the product must be in its original packaging and in a new, unused condition. Once your return is received and processed, we will issue a refund to your original payment method. Additionally, if you purchase a product from Red Recover, it is backed by a 1 year warranty from the purchase date.

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